For many of us, a chequing account is more than the cornerstone of our banking, it’s an everyday part of life. From picking up coffee to paying your monthly expenses, you can count on the convenience and reliability of your Affinity chequing account. And with Affinity, you pay zero deposit fees*! (see below)

Your personal chequing account options include:

Youth Chequing

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Student Chequing

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65+ Chequing

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U.S. Chequing

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Unlimited Chequing

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Pay-as-you-go Chequing

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Value Chequing

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mother and sone look at laptopUnlimited
With the unlimited package, there’s no need to keep track of your transactions and risk paying pesky over-limit charges. For only $12 per month, you get:

  • Unlimited transactions, including free Interac e-Transfer service.
  • Learn how you could get a rebate of up to 75% on monthly fees with the Unlimited Plan and our Member Loyalty program!

Pay as you go
If your transaction volume fluctuates from month-to-month or you simply just don’t use your account very much, paying only for the transactions you make is a great option. And the best part is… no monthly fees!

A package specifically designed for those who don’t typically perform a lot of transactions every month. Make 10 transactions per month for only $4 per month!

*Free Deposits

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.  With Affinity, you don’t pay deposit fees!

Whether you have a personal account or business account, all members get free deposits. That means you can deposit as much cash and as many cheques in your chequing or savings account as you’d like for free!

Call us at 1.866.863.6237 or visit a location near you to stop paying deposit fees and switch to Affinity today!

Every Affinity chequing account includes the following:
  • Interac e-Transfer service.
  • Interest on your account.
  • Member Card® debit card.
  • Online banking.

  • Affinity Mobile app.
  • Deposits that are fully guaranteed.
  • Ding-free® access to more than 1,800 credit union ATMs across Canada.
  • Unlimited electronic transfers between accounts.
  • Free deposits*.
  • Free eStatements. 
Other transactions
  • $2 for withdrawals at Canadian ATMs outside the credit union ding free® network
  • $5 for ATM withdrawals outside Canada
  • $2.25 for staff-assisted bill payments. No charge for 65+ (Heritage) chequing accounts.

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