Annual Reports and Bylaws

Annual Reports

As a member of Affinity, you are an owner of the credit union and that means you have a vested interest in how well we’re doing. We do everything we possibly can to make sure Affinity’s a lean, mean, values-based banking machine, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our annual reports and financial statements for yourself.

To download the full version of an annual report, press full screen and then click the download icon in the bottom right corner.

Annual Reports and Statements



updated 31 March 2023The 2022 Annual Report published on March 27, 2023 contained an error on page 16 under the 2022 column for unionized employees. The previous version stated 15.1% in error. We’ve corrected this line in the March 31 version to state 19%.



Our bylaws are the rules governing how we operate. This includes how we run our elections, but it’s a lot more than that. They’re required by The Credit Union Act 1998 and they help guarantee we’re governed soundly and that we’re accountable to our members at all levels.

Because you’re an Affinity member, you can vote on any proposed bylaw changes at our Annual General Meeting.