Golden Opportunities Fund*

Invest in Saskatchewan

With the Golden Opportunities Fund, 100% of your money is invested in Saskatchewan and you receive 35% in tax credits on your investment. Golden Opportunities Fund is in high demand, and has sold out repeatedly. Invest early – availability is limited! Some conditions apply*.

Receive Tax Savings

Saskatchewan residents who purchase Golden Opportunities Fund shares receive 15% in Federal tax credits, and 20% in Provincial tax credits for a total of 35% in tax credits on investment amounts up to the maximum $5,000 per year, plus, investments are 100% RRSP eligible!


    Original investment of $5,000
Spouse #1
Invest $5,000
In Golden Opportunities
Receive 35% in tax credits plus RRSP benefits!
$1,750 Tax Credits
+ $2,200 RRSP Benefits
Spouse #2
Reinvest $3,950 in Golden Opportunities
Receive 35 % in tax credits plus RRSP benefits!
$1,383 Tax Credits
+ $1,738 RRSP Benefits
Invest up to $3,121 in something else (ie. RESP Investments**) Receive RESP tax credits available +
Total Assets Generated from $5,000 Investment = $12,821*

Investors Choice

  • Diversified Class A-share: The Fund’s largest and longest-standing share class, a diversified portfolio for growth, stability and value.
  • Innovation Class i-share: Innovation portfolio: all of the upside growth plus loss protection**.
  • Resource Class R-share: 100% resource focused portfolio.

Invest your way

Add Golden Opportunities Fund to your portfolio and invest with pre-authorized contributions (PACs) which can be deducted automatically from your chequing account on a regular basis. Choose your contribution amount and deduction frequency. For example weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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