Your home’s a lot more than four walls and a roof, and your mortgage is a lot more than just a loan – it’s a long-term commitment, a partnership even. At Affinity, you have a mortgage partner you can trust.

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Where are you in the home-ownership journey?

First-Time Home Buyer

Buying a home is a big decision, one of the biggest you'll make. Find out how we make it a little easier.
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Renewing Your Mortgage

Ready for your mortgage renewal? Let's talk options! If you're looking to switch to Affinity, then let us welcome you aboard.
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Renovate or Upgrade

Transform your home to fit your family’s changing needs or find somewhere completely new – either way, we can help.
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We have the products and help to make it easy.

Mortgage Products

There are certain things your mortgage needs to be able to do for you. See Affinity's offerings to find the one that fits just right.
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Mobile Mortgage Specialists

Save the travelling for moving day and let our experts come to you. All the mortgage advice you need, on your schedule.
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Construction Mortgage

Start the mortgage process with Affinity early in the planning phase of building your home.
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