How We’re Governed

Our governance structure is effective, transparent, accountable, open and ethical. It keeps us connected to our co-operative roots and to each of our diverse members.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors works to ensure that Affinity remains a forward-looking, responsible and successful credit union, driven by what matters most: our members and communities.

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Our Member Councils

Our member councils provide representation of members throughout Saskatchewan to encourage interaction, engagement and involvement at the local level which enhances member service, community commitment and support.

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Affinity holds an election to fill available Board of Director positions. Members are invited to participate to run as a candidate in the election and vote for candidates who will represent the membership as a Board member.

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Annual General Meeting

The Affinity Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an annual meeting for credit union members. Each year, the Board Chair and executives present the Annual Report, any Ordinary and Special Resolutions, a brief overview on Affinity’s performance and strategy, and results of Affinity elections.

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Annual Reports and Bylaws

The rules for how we run and the reports on how we’re running.

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