How We’re Governed

Our governance structure’s one of the things that makes Affinity different.

It’s effective, transparent, accountable, open and ethical. It keeps us connected to our co-operative roots, and to each of our diverse members.

Our  members are grouped into 9 districts, and 8 of those districts represent Affinity members from a specific region in the province.

Our Indigenous District’s unique. It represents First Nations communities specifically, and it serves the whole province instead of a single region. It was created to improve access to financial services, and support indigenous individuals, families, businesses and their economic growth.

Our Democratic Process

That special something that makes credit unions unique. Nothing’s more important than our members, and our democratic process keeps you front and centre.
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Our Board of Directors

The members who sit on our Board of Directors provide oversight to Affinity and help determine where we’re headed.
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Our Member Council Delegates

These are your elected representatives – the people that Affinity members from each of our districts elect to represent their interests. These folks distribute district council funding and provide feedback as members.
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