International Funds Transfer

Foreign exchange and global payment solutions

Payline logoSending money to a different country? Making purchases abroad? Planning a vacation or traveling for a business meeting? Streamline the process and take control of your international transactions with the help of Payline. This convenient online tool lets you send money internationally from anywhere, at any time.

Here’s why it makes sense:

  • It’s convenient. You can send money yourself – once your account’s set up, there’s no need for you to come into an advice centre. Recipient information can be loaded into your account so your recipients are easily accessed when it’s time to send money.
  • It’s inexpensive. Payline has a flat-rate charge of $10 per transfer. Other providers charge between $20 and $75, or even a percentage of the amount you’re sending. Funds come directly out of your Affinity account which means you avoid any additional fees.
  • It’s safe. Payments are sent securely and your account is password protected. Payline brings years of funds transfer experience to your transaction, ensuring your money successfully arrives at its destination, safely.

Check out Payline’s website to learn more about how you can transfer your money with ease. 

Ready to exchange your money with confidence?

Head into an advice centre or call our Contact Centre at 1.866.863.6237 to book an appointment so we can lend a hand getting your account set up. You can also register for an account directly through Payline.

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