mortgage-ag-page-feature-imageAs a farmer, you play a lot of important roles and that includes ensuring your farm can grow along with you. Whether you’ve found that perfect piece of land, want to buy or build a home on your home quarter, or are looking to expand your operation, we can provide the mortgage financing you need to take your farm to the next level.

Your farm isn’t just a business, it’s your way of life and the right mortgage will make your life a whole lot easier. Get on your way to the right mortgage with options designed for your unique needs.

With your mortgage decided, it’s time to pick the mortgage product that fits your needs. Here are the options we have to offer:

Variable Rate

If you’re willing to ride the wave through potential interest rate fluctuations, the Variable Rate mortgage might be right for you. The rate you pay follows the prime lending rate, so your rate goes up if prime goes up and on the flipside, if the prime rate goes down, so does your interest rate.

Fixed Rate

Interest rates can go up and down all they want – your mortgage payments and your interest rate hold steady throughout your mortgage term. There’s more commitment than an Open mortgage, but you get the reward of a lower interest rate.


It’s all about flexibility! Pay your principal down quickly by making as many extra payments as you want with no penalty – some conditions may apply.

If you have questions about agricultural mortgages and rates, give our Contact Centre a call at 1.866.863.6237 or book an appointment online!

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*Some terms and conditions apply. No additional discretionary discounts are available. Assuming no additional fees are charged, the Annual Percent Rate (APR) is the same as the interest rate. If additional fees are incurred, the APR increases. Interest rates are posted for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.