Government Programs

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program (CALA)

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) is a federal loan guarantee program designed to increase the availability of credit for farms and agricultural co-operatives.

You can use CALA to establish, improve or develop your farm. Agricultural co-ops can use it to help process, distribute or market their products.

Established farmers can get as much as 80% financing for up to $500,000 in property and $350,000 in other eligible assets. New farmers can get up to 90% financing. With the Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister’s approval, agricultural co-ops can access up to $3 million.

Loan terms can be as long as 10 years, and up to 15 years for land purchases. The maximum interest rate for a variable loan is prime plus 1% and the maximum fixed rate is the residential mortgage rate plus 1%.

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