Multi-factor Authentication

Strengthening the security of your Affinity account

Multi-factor AuthenticationWith multi-factor authentication, your online banking experience is now even more secure! 

Multi-factor authentication combines the security of your password, along with a one-time verification code as a second factor to protect your account. 

This extra layer of security will help verify it’s you when you sign in to online banking and the Affinity Mobile app. It’s an important security measure beyond your login information because it stops someone else from accessing your account, even if they had your password.

Ways to receive a code


Text Message

Automated Phone Call

Setting up multi-factor authentication

Step 1

After signing in to your Affinity account with your password, you’ll be prompted to select one of three ways to receive a one-time verification code: email, text message or automated phone call.

Step 2

Next, choose the email or phone number where you’d like to receive the one-time verification code. The code will be valid for 10 minutes. If the code expires, you will have to request a new one. 

Step 3

You’ll then be prompted to enter the verification code you received. That’s all it takes to complete multi-factor authentication! 

During step three, it will default to "Don't ask me again on this device.” This means you won’t have to provide a one-time code every time you sign in to your trusted device.

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