Lines of Credit

Borrow what you want when you need it!

With a line of credit, you can take money out when you need to, pay it back when you can and you’re only charged interest on what you use.

You can borrow money up to a set limit, and when you pay it back, you can use that credit again without having to reapply. A line of credit works like a credit card but typically has a much lower interest rate. You can use a line of credit to manage day-to-day costs, pay for a home renovation or vacation, cover unexpected expenses and more!

We have two line of credit options. They serve the same function but work a little differently.

Line of Credit

This seamless loan is directly connected to your chequing account and sometimes referred to as overdraft protection. Having it means that you don’t need to worry about your balance dipping below zero – that’s when the Line of Credit starts working. To pay it off, simply make a deposit to bring your balance back above zero. It’s there as a cushion when you need it.

Loan Preapproval

Get a jump on your pre‑approval today!

Quick Loan

Like the Line of Credit, except it’s a loan that isn't connected to your chequing account. Once it’s set-up, you can move money to your chequing account or anywhere else you need to, simply using your online banking or the Affinity Mobile app. It’s that easy! Maybe we should have called it the quick and easy loan.

Interest is charged monthly on quick loans and lines of credit, and they’re available at competitive rates that vary depending on if they’re secured or unsecured.

Talk to an advisorTo find out which is the right option for you and to learn more about lines of credit, book an appointment or call us at 1.866.863.6237 to speak with an advisor.