Government Programs

Government programs

The Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP) is a collaboration between the federal government and financial institutions like Affinity. We work with the government to help established businesses and startups get the financing they need.

Here’s who qualifies:

  • corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships and co-operatives in Canada with gross revenue under $10 million
  • charitable and religious organizations aren’t eligible under this program. Farming businesses have another federal government program they can apply to

You can get a maximum loan of $1.15 million under CSBFP. No more than $500,000 of that can be used to finance equipment purchases or improvements, or purchase leasehold improvements.

Loans can finance the following purchases:

  • land or buildings used for commercial purposes
  • new or used equipment
  • new or existing leasehold improvements, including renovations to a leased property by a tenant
  • the registration fee for the loan

Items such as goodwill, working capital, inventories, franchise fees, or assets that a holding company acquires are eligible for financing.

These are the costs that come with the CSBFP loan:

  • 2% registration fee, which can be financed as part of the loan
  • normal lending fees

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