Membership Benefits

Co-operatives, just like any business, have shareholders. The difference with a co-operative is that our members are our shareholders! Membership is the most unique feature of the credit union system. Unlike large corporations that are expected to deliver returns back to a few shareholders, at Affinity, shareholders pool their resources together to help Affinity provide services that all members can use. This is the very definition of a co-operative - a business that’s owned, controlled and operated by its members.

New to Affinity? You’re required to become a member, or shareholder, by purchasing a $5 Member Share. And this member-ownership entitles you to some serious perks!

Shape the Future

As a member you have a voice in how we operate. We have 9 Member Councils representing different parts of the province and you elect the people who sit on those councils. Heck, you can even go one further and run yourself!
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Big Opportunities for Young Scholars

Each year, we give out more than $100,000 in scholarships to Affinity members. These awards mean big opportunity for those young members.
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Member Perks

Show your Member Card® and get rewards and discounts. We support events in communities across Saskatchewan and that means you get perks as an Affinity member.
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Affinity First in Line

Beat the rush and get early access to tickets for events in Saskatoon and Regina. 
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