Security and Fraud Alerts

Latest alerts to watch for:

  • Scam alert - Fraudulent websites. Learn more.
  • Increased reports of Tech Support Service scam. Learn more.
  • Fraudulent scams targeting timeshare owners. Learn more.

Want to know more about how you can protect yourself?

The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to recognize fraud and avoid becoming a victim. Check out advice and tools on the right and the videos below to learn more.

How-to video tips to keep your information safe

Check out the videos below to see how you can help keep your computer and personal information safe and secure.

Security video - Phishing and Smishing
See how the SHADY approach can help save you from being the victim of Phishing and Smishing. Learn more
Security video - Four cornerstones
Find out how the Four Internet Safety Cornerstones can help keep your information safe and secure. Learn more 
Security video - Phishing and Smishing
Malware has the potential to damage files and compromise your systems. Learn how good PC hygiene can help. Learn more