Revolving Credit

Revolving Credit

Funds on demand. Anytime. Anywhere.

No matter what your experience as a business owner, keeping a balance between your income and operating expenses can be challenging. Sometimes cash flow is tight, revenues might be delayed or a business opportunity arises and you need funds now. Choosing one of our revolving credit options can give your business the flexibility and responsiveness it needs to not only grow but also stand out from the rest.

Operating Line of Credit

An operating line of credit gives you immediate access to funds in the form of an authorized overdraft limit directly connected to your chequing account. It can also be granted in US funds and connected to your US chequing account.

Quick Loan

Our Quick Loan is a revolving loan with a pre-approved amount that’s there when you need it. Funds can be accessed quickly and easily, and repayment options are flexible.

Letters of Credit/Letters of Guarantee

This is the perfect option for a business needing to provide a guarantee that they’re able of meet the financial requirements of a purchase. Simply put, it’s us as your financial institution, providing a pledge that your business can cover the cost of a particular transaction or transactions. Letters of Credit will help speed up purchases.

Revolving Equipment Line of Credit

For companies who continually replace equipment, you can group your purchases together under one line of credit to make life easier. With only one equipment loan to manage, you'll be able to streamline your bookkeeping, keep a close eye on your equipment budget and understand how that equipment grows your bottom line. Set up and payment is speedier than a term loan, and you can pay your loan balance down at any time, without penalty.

Home Builder Revolving Line of Credit

This is convenient financing for established home builders who have multiple housing startups per year. One approval for each line of credit means faster set ups and disbursements for each project.

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