Launching your business, buying a building, expanding your operations or just managing some surprise expenses – there are tons of situations where you’re going to need financing. With Affinity, you’ve got a partner, so let’s get down to building your business.


We have products to suit your many mortgage needs and the expertise to surpass your expectations.
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Term Loans

This flexible borrowing option can help bump your business to a new level, while tailoring repayment to a schedule that fits.
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Revolving Credit

Once you’re approved, you can choose when and how you use it. It’s flexible, easy to manage and, most of all, comforting knowing you have access to funds when you need it.
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An option that can cover as much as 100% of your purchase price and comes with some tax benefits to boot.
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Specialty Financing

If you’re having some trouble accessing a loan, our specialty financing program can be a way for you to get some credit.
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Government Programs

Watch what happens when we team up with the federal government to help your business. Whether it’s well-established or brand new, get the financing you need.
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