At Affinity, we won't buy your trust — we'll earn it


Being an Affinity member means you have a financial partner on your side – a team of experts to give you the advice you need for every stage of your life.

Your membership is more than just having your pick of great products and services – it’s about having advisors that will look out for your best interests. We’re there for you every step of the way, wherever you are on your financial journey.

Bank where your money matters

Keep your money in your community

When you deposit money at Affinity, it gets reinvested back into your local community as loans to support other members buy a home, start a business, gain an education and more. Together, we're fuelling the Saskatchewan economy!

Local, like you

Our operations are squarely focused on this province. Our hearts, business and profits live right here in Saskatchewan. This is our home – so you can trust our advisors will understand your local needs and challenges.

Products and services you can trust

We’re dedicated to looking out for your financial health by offering great products, competitive rates and genuine, professional advice.

More than a customer

When you bank with Affinity, you’re a member! We’re 100% owned by our members, which means you have a say in how we operate.

Your membership makes a difference

With Affinity, your community benefits too! Our profits don’t go to shareholders – they’re reinvested directly back into the community. In 2023, we donated over $2.5 million to organizations, charities and initiatives across the province.


We're ready when you are

We can’t wait to welcome you to Affinity. Get ready for a financial experience unlike any other. Plus, get over $350* in exclusive offers when you start banking with Affinity!


You might think credit unions are just like banks — but we're different!

Let's break down some common misconceptions:

  • MYTH: Credit unions are just like banks.

  • MYTH: There isn’t a credit union near me so I can’t bank with them.

  • MYTH: Credit unions are behind on the times.

  • MYTH: Credit unions and banks use their profits the same way.