Sponsorship and Donations

From Carnduff to Candle Lake, Hudson Bay to Shaunavon, community initiatives make our communities the vibrant, diverse and dynamic places where we live, work and play.

Your hard work makes these initiatives happen and, with our support, we hope that hard work will pay off big time for you and your whole community.

Here are the 4 areas where we like to focus our sponsorships:

Financial and Social Inclusion

Your program might emphasize education, enhance employment skills, build financial literacy, encourage inclusiveness, or help reduce poverty. It could help create opportunities or remove barriers for those facing society's toughest challenges.

Environmental Sustainability 

Building a greener world is a big part of building a better world. If you have a plan to boost sustainability, we want to help – whether it’s green building, sustainable transportation, local/sustainable purchasing, mindful waste management, ecosystem preservation and restoration, or sustainable agriculture and resource management.

Community Assets 

Affordable and appropriate housing, community-owned facilities and all the equipment a healthy community needs. If you’re building the stuff that makes community happen, we want to hear from you.

Community Economic Development

Healthy community is built on the foundation of a strong economy. If you have a small business about to launch, a co-op that’s just getting off the ground or a social enterprise that’s starting to grow, there’s help for you here.

We have a special fondness for initiatives that benefit our members and give our employees a chance to get involved.

If you have questions, call our Contact Centre at 1.866.863.6237. If you don’t have questions, apply today!