Personal savings accountWhether you save a little or a lot, and whether your goals are just around the corner or way down the road, we have the tools to get you there.

With an Affinity savings account, you’ll enjoy:

You have two savings accounts to choose from:

Everyday Savings

With our most flexible savings account, you’ll have the freedom to use and move your money when you want. It’s perfect for short-term savings goals!

  • Enjoy 2 free transactions per month. Additional transactions will cost $2 per transaction, including staff-assisted transactions.
  • There's a $2 charge for withdrawals at ATMs in Canada that don’t display the ding free® symbol and a $5 charge for ATM withdrawals outside Canada.
  • $2 for staff-assisted bill payments.
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Investor Savings 

Watch your money grow faster with a higher interest rate, with fewer transactions.

  • You’ll get 1 transaction per month. Additional transactions will cost $5 each.
  • This account can’t be accessed for ATM withdrawals and direct payment purchases.
  • $5 for staff-assisted bill payments.
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Other transactions
  • $1 for Interac e-Transfers transactions

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