Personal savings accountWhether you save a little or a lot, and whether your goals are just around the corner or way down the road, we have the tools to get you there. Let’s get started today!

First, let’s start with the benefits that come with all of our savings accounts:

Next, let’s review the two types of savings accounts you can choose from. Everyday Savings is our most flexible savings account, but you’ll find Investor Savings comes with a better interest rate. Here’s a little more about each:

Everyday Savings

For short-term savings with the freedom to use and move your money when you want, the Everyday Savings account is for you!

  • 2 free transactions per month. Additional transactions will cost $2 per transaction, including staff-assisted transactions.
  • There's a $2 charge for withdrawals at ATMs in Canada that don’t display the ding free® symbol and a $5 charge for ATM withdrawals outside Canada.
  • $2 for staff-assisted bill payments.
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Investor Savings 

Watch your money grow faster with a higher interest rate, with fewer transactions.

  • You’ll get 1 transaction per month. Additional transactions will cost $5 each.
  • This account can’t be accessed for ATM withdrawals and direct payment purchases.
  • $5 for staff-assisted bill payments.
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Other transactions
  • $1 for Interac e-Transfers transactions

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