Our Values

As a values-based organization, we’re guided by four key principles – being open, honest, inclusive and committed. These values drive our decision-making process and help us achieve our vision of building a better world.

Our Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

Living our values led us to begin our reconciliation journey.

On March 11, 2016, we joined two of our credit union partners, Vancity and Assiniboine Credit Union, and signed on to Section 92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action.

Throughout our reconciliation journey, we’ve sought guidance from Elders, Knowledge Keepers and Indigenous leaders in the community to help us embed meaningful reconciliation into our organization.

We focus on three key areas of reconciliation:

  1. Increase knowledge – Create opportunities for learning and discovery of the history, truth and importance of reconciliation for our employees, members and communities.
  2. Expand opportunities – Develop connections to expand employment, education and economic prosperity with Indigenous Peoples, communities and businesses.
  3. Live our values – Foster an environment that’s inclusive, respectful and welcoming.

We’ve made progress – but our work is far from complete. As we continue down our path of reconciliation, we’re dedicated to helping others begin theirs. We recognize that while each of us may be on our own unique journey to reconciliation, we're all in this together.