Shared Stories

Harold’s story was a firsthand account of the Great Depression and the economic aftermath that sparked the creation of credit unions in Saskatchewan based on the idea of a fairer organization devoted entirely to its members—not shareholders. Learn more about Harold.

Remembering Harold Chapman (1917-2023)

Harold was not only a pioneer of the co-operative movement in Saskatchewan, his efforts and passion drove change and inspired the formation and development of several co-operatives across the country. Harold's commitment to the co-operative principles are testament to the legacy he leaves behind. Harold Chapman was truly a class act through-and-through and he will be greatly missed.

How we helped then

In the 1930s, the Great Depression dealt a devastating blow to Saskatchewan’s economy. Across the province, families and farms struggled to survive the financial hardships brought on by years of drought and crop failures. Denied support from the banks when they needed it most, Saskatchewan communities turned to each other to find a better solution.

Inspired by other co-operatives in the province, like the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and Co-op Refinery, concerned citizens brought the credit union model forward to ease Saskatchewan’s economic woes. The movement quickly gained traction, and the Credit Union Act was passed in 1937.

Affinity today

Affinity Credit Union continues to protect the economic welfare of Saskatchewan people. We’re a co-operative, owned by and accountable to our members—improving the lives of our members and all those who live and work within the communities we serve is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Our hearts, business and profits live in Saskatchewan. We’re committed to creating permanent solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges in Saskatchewan. By turning local deposits into local loans for small businesses, mortgages, education, we serve as an economic engine fueling the province.