Mortgage Products

Buying your new home involves a ton of important decisions, and your mortgage is one of them. There are things you need from your mortgage, and the ability to choose means you’ll get the mortgage that’s right for you. View posted mortgage rates.

Straight Rate

Interest rates can go up and down all they want – your mortgage payments and your interest rate hold steady throughout your mortgage term. There’s more commitment than a CU Flex mortgage, but you get the reward of a lower interest rate.

CU Flex

It’s all about flexibility! Pay your principal down quickly by making as many extra payments as you want with no penalty – some conditions may apply. If money’s tight one month, you also have the option to skip a payment.


Bet that interest rates will stay low. The rate you pay on your Variable mortgage follows the prime lending rate, so your rate goes up if the prime rate increases. On the flipside, if the prime rate goes down the interest you pay will also go down.

Your mortgage can do more than just get you into your home. Put the equity in your home to work with the help of these mortgage product options.

Affinity EQ

A cabin by the lake or a trip through Europe, with Affinity EQ your mortgage can help make your dreams come true. Borrow up to 80% of your home’s appraised value at a mortgage-level interest rate. You can bundle a bunch of loans, lines of credit and other lending products under the umbrella of one mortgage.

Quick Loan

Money when you need it, at an interest rate you’ll like. You have an approved limit that you can draw from and pay back as it suits you. Move money to and from your Quick Loan through online banking, the Affinity Mobile app, or by calling your local branch or our Contact Centre.

If you have questions about our mortgage products or if you’d like to get together with one of our experts to get the ball rolling, call our Contact Centre at 1.866.863.6237. You can also contact a Mobile Mortgage Specialist for an advisor to come to you.

Learn more about mortgages with the help of our mortgage calculator.