Small Business Loan

We believe you can fly.

Small Business Loan Do you have a great business idea and plan? Are you incredibly passionate about it? If so, see if you qualify for a small business loan up to $50,000! Even if you’ve never run your own business before, you lack collateral or you’re in a low-income situation, we’ll still assess your loan application primarily on your character, commitment and the strength of your business plan. This loan can help you with research and development, marketing, purchasing equipment or getting your product or service ready for sale.

Small business loans are available to individuals or organizations who:

  • operate, or are about to operate, a business in Saskatchewan (including social enterprises)
  • employ less than 50 employees and the annual total sales do not exceed $1 million
  • have a convincing business plan, strong passion for your business idea and demonstrate commitment to success and loan repayment

Did you know that we partner with nearly 18,000 businesses and community organizations across the province? We’re waiting for you! Give our Contact Centre a shout at 1.866.863.6237 or book an appointment online to give your small business wings and get your dreams off the ground today!

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