Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a group of elected members who decide where Affinity’s going and what we need to get there. They also guarantee that we follow all the rules along the way. Your interest is top priority for them because they’re also Affinity members – members who’ve been elected to their spot on the Board.

From their position on the Board, our directors are ultimately responsible for Affinity’s performance, compliance with legislation and regulations, and for your satisfaction as a member. They work with our executive leaders, and every other Affinity employee, to make sure you’re happy, your community’s well served and that our work always reflects our values.

Our Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to Affinity and they follow the standards set out in The Credit Union Act 1998, the Standards of Sound Business Practice and other applicable legislation.

The current Affinity Credit Union board members standing side-by-side outside Affinity Campus

(From left to right)
Scott Flavel, Debra Chobotuk, Deirdra Ness, Joseph Rybinski, Bryan Cottenie, Nathaniel Cole, Mitchell Anderson (Board Chair), Larry Spratt, Cindy Anderson and Kurt Holfeuer.

(Missing from photo)
Wayne Amos.

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