Our Board of Directors

Did you know that Affinity is 100% owned by our members? And our Board of Directors is accountable to that membership? Our dedicated group of 12 elected directors drive where Affinity is headed and what we need to do to get there. They also keep us grounded in our commitment to putting our members first, in support of Affinity’s values and the credit union system as a whole. The Board of Directors work to ensure that Affinity remains a forward-looking, responsible and successful credit union, driven by what matters most: our members and communities.

The Board has a comprehensive charter and mandate that guides their accountability to provide oversight and direction for Affinity. This includes commitment to achieving the highest standards of corporate governance and overseeing the effectiveness of business operations. The Board approves and oversees items essential to prudential oversight of Affinity, such as strategy, risk appetite, capital plans and key policies, to provide challenge, advice and guidance to senior management. They ensure Affinity operates with integrity, honesty, fairness, professionalism and the highest ethical standards.

Our Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to Affinity and follow the standards set out in The Credit Union Act 1998, the Standards of Sound Business Practice, its regulatory requirements and all applicable legislation. Affinity’s independent Board of Directors is led by a non-executive Board Chair. The day-to-day management is delegated to Affinity’s Chief Executive Officer.

The current Affinity Credit Union Board members together at Affinity Campus.

The 2022-2023 Board of Directors pose together at the Affinity Campus

(From left to right)
Standing: Debra Chobotuk, Scott Flavel, Larry Spratt, Kurt Holfeuer, Nathaniel Cole, Deirdra Ness, Joseph Rybinski Seated: Bryan Cottenie, Mitchell Anderson (Board Chair), Wayne Amos, Cindy Anderson