Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I join Affinity Credit Union?

  • How can I open a new account?

  • What kind of ID do I need to open an account?

  • Is there a fee to switch my account to Affinity?

  • How do I switch my direct deposits and automatic payments to Affinity?

  • How do I check my account balances?

  • How do I change signing authorities on an account?

  • How do I sign up for e-statements?

  • How can I print my own statement?

  • When do I get my monthly statement?

  • How do I order cheques?

  • What’s my route/transit number?

  • When does a cheque expire?

  • What are cheque holds?

  • What’s an NSF fee?

  • How do I transfer money to another Affinity member?

  • What’s an Interac e-Transfer†?

  • Why can't I send or receive Interac e-Transfers†?

  • How do I send a wire transfer?

  • What are my money options while I travel?

  • What’s the annual fee for a safety deposit box?

  • What are my advice centre’s hours?

  • What are the holiday hours for my advice centre?

  • Can I still turn in pennies?

Online Banking

  • How do I sign-up for online banking?

  • How much does online banking cost?

  • What do I need to access online banking?

  • Is online banking secure?

  • Can I download and import my account history into other software programs?

  • How do I change my online banking password?

  • How do I complete an online transfer between my own accounts?

  • How do I pay bills online?

  • If I’m experiencing technical issues, who can I call for support?

Mobile Banking

  • What’s Affinity Mobile?

  • Is Affinity Mobile compatible with all mobile devices?

  • Where can I download the Affinity mobile app?

  • What’s Deposit Anywhere?

  • What is Touch ID/Face ID?

  • What is Fingerprint Login?

Credit Cards

ATMs/Member Cards

  • Where can I find an Affinity ATM?

  • Where can I find a credit union ATM outside Saskatchewan?

  • I forgot my Member Card® PIN, how do I reset it?

  • Can I use my Member Card® debit card outside Canada?

  • Do any Affinity ATMs dispense $5 or $50 bills?

  • How much are ATM fees?

  • How do I cancel or report a lost/stolen Member Card®?

  • Do I need to notify you of travel plans to ensure that my debit card will work?

  • I just received a new Member Card® – how do I create a PIN?

Governance and Community

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