Community Impact

Affinity employees volunteer in the Zero Waste ZoneAffinity’s impact on the community comes in a lot of different ways. Some ways you can see, like when we sponsor an event, but others are a lot less visible, like how we circulate money around the province.

The money our members' deposit with us gets reinvested back into the community as loans. Other members use these loans to buy homes, open businesses and much more. We think about this circulating money as an economic engine, driving local economies and making them better, and thanks to our members, we’re a big part of that engine in Saskatchewan.

This lets us do some pretty exciting things. The support of our members means we can support community initiatives across the province, grant loans to people with challenges accessing credit and donate hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of our employees every year.

Our Funding Focus

To ensure our community investment funding has the greatest impact possible, we focus our donations and sponsorships on supporting programs, initiatives and events that improve lives, strengthen our communities and genuinely make a difference through:

  1. social and financial inclusion
  2. environmental sustainability
  3. local economic development
  4. community assets

By banking local with Affinity, our members’ deposits are reinvested and circulated in our local communities through loans and mortgages which benefit individual, families and businesses. This means that your deposits go to work to fuel the local economy, right here in Saskatchewan.

Here are some of the ways we make our communities better:

Financial Literacy

Banking basics aren’t always so basic. We’ll show you how a little money know-how can lead to financial success.
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Engagement in the Community

There’s a lot of Affinity in the community outside our advice centres. Find out what we mean.
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Community Stories

Sit back and learn more about how, with our members support, we’re building a better world.
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