60 years young or better

60 years young or better

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Whether you've been with us for years or you're new to the Affinity family, the Heritage service fee plan is designed in appreciation to all our members 60 years young or better!.

How would you like to enjoy unlimited transactions for absolutely nothing at all? That's right, get unlimited transactions every month! All for the low cost of zero dollars. We thought you'd like that.

What's a transaction you ask? Here are a few examples:

  • taking out cash at the ATM
  • buying something with your debit card
  • going into one of our locations to withdraw money

You also get a ton of stuff for FREE:

  • we never charge you to make a deposit
  • unlimited mobile, online, and telephone banking transactions
  • ding-free withdrawals from any credit union ATM in Canada
  • 100 personalized cheques every year
  • In-branch bill payments


​Monthly transactions​​Unlimited
​Monthly fee​Free
​Cheques​100 free per year
It's not mandatory, but we highly recommend it. A paper statement will cost you $1 per month.
​Paper statements​​$1.00 per month

 Good to know:

  • monthly statements come complete with images of the cheques that cleared your account
  • e-mailing money to someone (also known as Interac® e-Transfer) will cost you $1.00
  • Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation fully guarantees all your deposits. Your money is safe and secure.
  • if you use an ATM that doesn't belong to a credit union, it's kind of expensive. To save those annoying fees, you should always try to find a credit union ATM. It does pay to be a credit union member
    • Interac ATM withdrawals $2.00
    • CIRRUS ATM withdrawals $3.00

​So now that you know what Affinity has to offer, why not open an account? It's easy and we'd love to have you join!