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My credit union story  

By Yvette, unbanked since 2010 

My whole family has banked at credit unions for most of my life. I remember going into our local branch when I was a kid – I would always get so excited because they had the best toys to play with! Even when mom finished her transactions, we'd ask her to stay a few more minutes so we could keep playing. My grandmother also held her accounts there and whenever she’d use the ATM, she'd let us push all the buttons for her.  

When I was older, I opened my own account and got my first debit card when I was 16 years old. On the rare occasions I would go into the branch, I remember my favorite teller was a bald, younger gentleman who wore a South Park tie clip. He was always super nice and helped explain banking stuff to me.  

In my final year of high school, a friend’s mom asked me what I was doing in the fall and I shared I was going to university for business administration. It turns out she was the Member Services Manager at my local credit union, and she suggested that I apply to be a summer student in the spring.  

I held onto that idea for an entire year and it ended up being the only job I applied for that summer. I got it and ended up working with the bald tie clip man from my high school years! He was just as helpful at explaining how certain aspects of the job worked as he was helping me understand my personal finances.  

Over the next two summers, I met a lot of great people and I enjoyed our close-knit frontline team. Sometimes we even coordinated clothes on random days - we'd all wear yellow or purple or stripes, even if there wasn't an event going on. I had a lot of fun volunteering with them as well.  

After graduation, I was hunting for a job and looking for something at a credit union. I saw a listing at Affinity, applied and got the job! I worked at Scarth Street for three years, then as a Training Administrator for the past two years. I just celebrated by five-year anniversary with Affinity in May!  

Aside from a restaurant gig while in high school, I’ve been working in the credit union system for my whole adult life. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m guessing I’ll be part of this world for many years to come. 


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