Link your new credit card with online banking and Affinity Mobile

Link your card so it appears alongside your other accounts in online banking and Affinity Mobile! Linking is not available for business cardholders at this time.

Step 1

Once you're logged in, from the Accounts tab, select Link a Card on the right side of the screen. If you're working on a smaller screen, like a laptop, click Related Actions and then select Link a Card. If you're using the Affinity Mobile App, click on Menu at the bottom of the screen and select Link a Card.

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Step 2

Enter the last four digits of your credit card number and the expiry date.

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Step 3

Your card will now appear in the Accounts tab under a new section called Credit Cards. You can now make real-time payments to your card by performing a quick and easy account transfer. Just select your credit card account in the Transfer To drop down.

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Once linked you can make real-time payments on your card without leaving Affinity online banking or Affinity Mobile. Personal cardholders can make a real-time payment by completing a transfer from your account and selecting your credit card account in the Transfer To drop down.

Business cardholders can make payments on their card from online banking by setting up Mastercard Affinity CU as a new payee.

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