​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It costs a lot to run an organization. We get that! In appreciation of the work you do for our community, we've developed a special plan for non-profit or charity groups who have paid employees and operate as a business.

How does 10 cents a transaction sound? We'll charge just $5 a month and you'll get 50 transactions!

Here's the fee if you happen to go over the 50 transactions:

​Electronic debits, transfers, ATM withdrawal​1.25
​Cheques or staff assisted debits​1.25


What's not included:

​In-branch utility bill payments​2.25
​INTERAC ATM withdrawal​2.00
​CIRRUS ATM withdrawal​3.00
​I​nterac e-Transfer​1.00


Good to know:

  • with our mobile app and internet banking, managing your account is convenient and easy
  • Deposit Anywhere™ lets you take a picture of a cheque with your mobile device and deposit it in your account
  • monthly statements come complete with cheque images