Keep the fun in fundraising

Here’s 5 tips to take some of the difficulty out of your next fundraising campaign.

You can’t spell fundraising without fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the fun in fundraising. Here are 5 tips to help you stay up beat, on track and energized all along the road to your organization’s fundraising goals.

  1. Get organized

    Depending on your group, your fundraising team might include employees, participants, parents, volunteers, and just about anyone else willing to help out. They need to know about fundraising activities well in advance of those efforts rolling out. Keep them in the loop with regular communication, and make sure they know how to contact you.

    Delegate responsibilities clearly. If everyone knows their role and responsibilities, there’ll be way less chance for confusion.

  2. Plan your budget

    When you fundraise, you often need to make up-front purchases and investments which you can use to make a profit. A solid budget will help keep your profit margin as fat as possible, meaning you’ll get more out of your efforts.

    If you’re hiring a fundraising consultant, set your budget before they come onboard and make sure they stick to it. A specific fundraising goal can help you design your budget.

  3. Advertise your campaign

    People need to know that you’re fundraising before they can support you, so it’s crucial that you get the word out. If you’re having an event where people need to buy tickets, start promoting it about a month in advance. If your fundraising’s based on sales, 2 weeks should be enough advertising time before you start selling. Advertise with posters and flyers. Post flyers at local businesses and on community bulletin boards. Send emails and mailings to all your contacts, and tell everyone you know about your fundraiser. Contact your local TV and radio stations, and your local newspaper. They often include fundraising information in their community news. And don’t forget about social media. It’s the most inexpensive way to spread the word.

  4. Motivate your volunteers

    Prizes, activities and other incentives can all help keep your group motivated. If you can keep them engaged and excited about participating, they’ll work harder to make sure the goals are met. A little friendly competition can be a great motivator, so reward your best sellers.

  5. Always say thank you

    When it comes to fundraising, how you say "thank you" is as important as how you say "please".

    Always send a thank you note to your supporters. It demonstrates that you appreciate their contribution and it’ll make them feel good about lending their support. Tag them in a thank you post on social media. Not only will you be giving them public recognition but you may also drive traffic to their social media sites.