Scam alert - fraudulent websites

by Tricia Zinkowski | Feb 24, 2022

Please beware of a few fraudulent websites posing as Affinity.

We’ve recently learned of spoofed websites (fake websites that look legitimate) using a domain similar to ours. We’re actively investigating and working with external experts to resolve this issue. We’re committed to providing updates to you, our members, as they arise.

What is the scam?

Fraudsters are targeting people by placing fake ads in Google, so you’ll click on it to think you’re going to login to your online banking but instead it’s a fake website that looks very similar to ours. If you sign into what you think is your online banking account through this fraudulent website, the scammers will have access to your login information. We’ve received multiple reports of unauthorized e-Transfers taking place after members logged into this spoofed website.

What steps can I take to avoid this scam?

The best course of action is to remain vigilant and to educate ourselves on what to look for to ensure we don’t fall victim to phishing attacks. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Bookmark our website ( to ensure we’re logging in to the correct online banking – not a spoofed website.
  2. Don't use a search engine to search for Affinity's website. Instead, type directly into address bar of your browser. If you do use a search engine to search 'Affinity Credit Union', ensure you’re clicking on the correct website – scammers are sneaky and sometimes they even claim the ad at the top of the page. The first result might not be the correct result!
  3. Check the domain in the browser to ensure the website is correct. Scammers often change a single letter or word to imitate a website.
  4. Enroll in a credit monitoring service, such as Equifax and TransUnion.

We’re committed to informing and educating our members on these issues to protect your financial well-being.

Questions or concerns? Please contact us at 1.866.863.6237.