2020 District Council Elections

2020 District Council Delegate Elections results

The 2020 District Council Delegate elections are now closed and the following delegates have been elected by our members:

North District – Jill Curren and Cindy Anderson
Saskatoon District – Davida Bentham, Audra Krueger, Jo Custead, Kurt Holfeuer and Erica Poulin 
South Central District – Grant Greenshields and Barry Croshaw
South District – Virginia Wilkinson and Bryan Leier
South East District – Wayne Amos and Paulette Howard

Thank you to all who voted and for taking part in the democratic process of your credit union!

Elected by Acclamation

The following delegates were elected by acclamation:

East District

Joseph Kozakewich
Rosalie Daisley

North West District

Joseph Rybinski
Tina Stene

North East District

Cheryl Ens
Jordan Eggerman
Larry Spratt

If you have any questions or require further information please contact us at governance@affinitycu.ca or 1.866.863.6237.