Government Sign-In by Verified.Me™

Government Sign-in by Verified.Me™ is the convenient way of accessing government services with your online banking login information instead of creating and managing a completely separate User ID and password. You can access Government Sign-In by Verified.Me™ by selecting ‘Sign-in Partner Login’ on your CRA login page or any other Government of Canada service website and choosing Affinity Credit Union as your sign-in partner.

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  • Who can use Government Sign-In by Verified.Me™?

  • Is it safe?

  • I already have a CRA account. Can I still login using a Sign-In Partner?

  • What if I’ve already used a different sign-in partner to access CRA and want to change my Sign-In Partner to Affinity?

  • I forgot my member number and/or password for Affinity online banking. What should I do?