Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. We have chequing accounts to meet your needs whether you’re running the family farm, opening the doors of your brand new restaurant, or branching out into new markets. Certain features come with every Affinity chequing account, like:

Business Chequing

Surcharge-free access to more than 1,800 credit union ATMs across Canada.

  • Deposits that are fully guaranteed.
  • Unlimited electronic transfers between accounts.
  • Most Affinity branches have night deposit access. Call our Contact Centre at 1.866.863.6237 to find the one nearest you.

You can choose between an interest-earning chequing account or a basic chequing account that doesn’t earn interest. Decide which account is the best option for you.

Once you select the right type of chequing account, you’ll need to choose an account package based on your transaction volume. We have an account package for you, no matter your level of use.

Com-PAC 10 :
  10 transactions per month for $10.

Com-PAC 25 :
  25 transactions per month for $25.

Com-PAC 50 :
  50 transactions per month for $40.

Com-PAC 100 :
  100 transactions per month for $80.

Com-PAC 200 :
  200 transactions per month for $140.

These transactions aren’t included with your account package:

  • $1 for INTERAC e-Transfers†.
  • $2 for withdrawals at ATMs in Canada that don’t display the ding free® symbol.
  • $3 for ATM withdrawals outside Canada.
  • $2.25 for in-branch bill payments.

U.S. Chequing

If your business regularly takes you into the United States, this account can help you leave the exchange rate behind. With a U.S. chequing account both your balance and the interest you earn are in U.S funds. Learn more about how a U.S. chequing account can help your business.


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