Your money works here

Your money works here

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ever wonder where the money you put in the bank goes?
Well, when you have money on deposit with Affinity Credit Union, you see it channeled into loans for local residents, businesses, farmers, community organizations and other institutions close to home.
That’s right. You actually SEE it. Your money is in the local coffee shop, the farmer’s market, the co-op daycare, the seniors’ care home or your community rec centre.
Not only does your deposit support others in your community, YOU and YOUR FAMILY benefit directly from the services, facilities and businesses that your money helps build!

Local spending & employment

Like other locally-owned businesses, credit unions spend more on local goods and services than national banks with head offices in Toronto do. With 3,500 employees throughout Saskatchewan, credit unions are the second largest employer in the province after government! (source: Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan)

Building local businesses

Credit unions in Saskatchewan and across Canada are a huge source of capital for local businesses. How huge? Together, credit unions have $15.8 billion in loans to Saskatchewan businesses, making up approximately 50% of business loans in the province! And most of these are small and medium-sized businesses.

Contributing to your community

Credit unions return a portion of their profits back to members and to community initiatives. In 2014, Affinity Credit Union invested $2.1 million in community development to 497 different organizations.
Affinity also works to develop and offer accessible financial services that address community needs such as small business start-up loans, non-traditional financing for non-profits and affordable housing programs.
In 2014 alone, in partnership with the City of Saskatoon, Affinity provided 36 mortgages and over $10 million in financing to low-to-moderate income families who were able to fulfill their dreams of moving from rental accommodation to home ownership.

Providing better service to members like you

Not only is your money hard at work in the community, we retain some of our profits to ensure that you get the best service at Affinity. The more you invest with us, the more our innovative team in our branches and behind the scenes is able to bring the competitive products you need in all stages in life and the latest in technology to manage your accounts with ease.
With a whopping 271 branches in 238 communities, credit unions are also committed to serving more communities across Saskatchewan. In most of these communities, the credit union is the only financial institution. Chartered banks are present in only 119 communities in the province.

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​Credit Union Quick Facts ​
​Number of credit unions in SK49
Communities served234
​Assets​$20.2 billion
​Affinity Credit Union Quick Facts ​
​Communities served​57
​Members​Over 135,000
​Assets under management​$5.9 billion