Values you can bank on

Values you can bank on

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our purpose as an organization and promise to our members, employees and communities is built on co-operative values and principles - values and principles that guide us in all we do and set us apart from any other financial institution. We had our members in mind when we built our vision, mission and values. Where we’re headed and how we get there are closely aligned with what you’ve told us you want to see in your financial institution.

Our vision

Build a better world for everyone, every day.

Our mission

By enabling our members and communities to invest in one another.

Our values

Open. Honest. Inclusive. Committed.

A local credit union making a global difference

Today’s global banking industry is deeply flawed. Some banks are barely regulated and outright unsustainable. The notion of “too big to fail” no longer holds water and, when these unsustainable banks eventually do fail, they are bailed out by government funds. The effect of these national crises are felt worldwide and can be catastrophic for local economies.

Credit unions are different. Instead of working toward filling shareholders’ pockets, we focus on creating healthier communities and productive economies. It’s all part of the nature of our business, putting people before profits. And it’s our mission to be the champions and leaders who make a change to the current financial system.

But change does not happen overnight. Nor does it happen on its own. YOU can become a part of the movement to promote a positive, viable alternative to the modern system!

Affinity is committed to finding global solutions to financial problems and has become a leader in corporate social responsibility. With your membership, you can become a part of this effort and help to influence decision makers to make a better world for everyone.

In 2012, Affinity was invited to join the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), along with 25 other of the world’s leading sustainable banks from around the globe, including Asia, Latin America, the U.S., Canada and Europe.

The GABV network of the world’s leading values-based financial institutions focuses on balancing the social needs of communities, protecting the environment and being financially sustainable.

The GABV has determined 6 main principles that are the fundamental pillars of sustainable finance and banking:

  1. Triple bottom-line approach at the heart of the business model: people, planet, profit
  2. Grounded in communities, serving the real economy and enabling new business models to meet the needs of both
  3. Long-term relationships with clients and a direct understanding of their economic activities and the risks involved
  4. Long-term, self-sustaining and resilient to outside disruptions
  5. Transparent and inclusive governance
  6. All of these principles embedded in the culture of the bank
​To learn more about the Global Alliance for Banking Values, visit their website.​​