Get more with an Affinity Membership

Get more with an Affinity Membership

The $5 Affinity membership comes with
its own set of valuable rewards.
Here's a few reasons why a membership is totally worth it!

DSC_0132.JPGBig opportunities for young scholars

Each year Affinity gives away scholarships worth more than $100,000 to its members. Whether it's the Elwood Harvey Co-operative Leadership Award or the Build a Better World Scholarship, these awards mean big opportunity for our young members.

sun-in-room.jpgShape the future

We talk a lot about governance at Affinity, and you may be wondering exactly what it means. In short, as a member you get a voice in how we operate. We have 12 District Councils representing different parts of the province, and as a member you elect the people who are on those councils. Heck, you can even go one further and run yourself!
District Councils decide what organizations in their areas receive funding from Affinity and they work closely with our board of directors to chart where we're headed as an organization. We love supporting local at Affinity, and our governance structure keeps us focused squarely on the local communities we serve. 

As an Affinity member, you're part of a broader economic engine driving the economy in your own community and in communities all across the province. Your $5 membership share gives you the chance to take the wheel and help steer that engine! So, where should we go?