Better Banking Movement

Better Banking Movement

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Where you put your money really does say a lot about who you are.

 By choosing Affinity, every dollar you deposit will help build the things that matter to you. Whether that's funding for a community project, helping a business start-up or investing in youth through scholarships – you can be sure your dollars will fuel the local economic engine.

Our vision and mission is to build a better world for everyone every day by allowing people and communities to invest in one another. It's a different way to bank – it's better banking!

If you're already an Affinity member, thank you! You're helping make a difference. We know that together, we can achieve more and because of you, we're able to:

  • finance mortgages for other Affinity members, maybe even your neighbours
  • provide funding to initiatives in your community that stimulate the local economy
  • enhance access to credit for individuals and organizations that face barriers to the financing they need

Not an Affinity member yet? We invite you to join the better banking movement. Aside from what we've already mentioned, there's a ton of other great reasons

Becoming an Affinity member is really easy and best of all, no appointment is necessary.

  • We're ready to welcome you at any of our locations across the province. Stop in and we'll get you set up in no time.
  • If you want to let us know you’ll be coming in, simply Drop in & Join! (also found by clicking the button found on our home page). Just fill in which branch you’d like to visit and when you might be dropping by.

At Affinity Credit Union, we're just like a bank – but we're a whole lot more. Join the better banking movement and become an Affinity member today!