Where we focus

Where we focus

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Financial wellbeing
Economic opportunities & wellbeing for everyone 

All members of our communities should have opportunities to achieve a good quality of life and realize their goals and full potential. Affinity seeks to enhance financial and social wellbeing through investing in initiatives that:

  • improve educational outcomes for youth at risk
  • create employment skills and/or job opportunities for vulnerable populations
  • build financial assets, literacy skills and knowledge
  • create the conditions to reduce and prevent poverty and social exclusion

Building places for good things to happen

Building community assets, facilities and infrastructure  

A healthy and sustainable community has the facilities and infrastructure — including adequate housing — it requires to meet the economic, social and cultural needs of its residents. Affinity aims to enhance the capacity of our communities to develop, maintain and increase access to the physical assets and facilities that are vital to community wellbeing, including:  

  • affordable and appropriate housing, from below-market rental to affordable home ownership and seniors' housing  
  • community-owned facilities and buildings that meet community needs, support community life and build stability for non-profit organizations
  • other infrastructure and equipment that communities require for their wellbeing

Thriving local economies & enterprises
Facilitating sustainable community economic development 

Affinity's success as a local financial institution and business depends on the strength of the local economy and local businesses. That's why we use our community investment tools, including funding and loan capital, to support:

  • the creation and retention of small business, including co-operatives and social enterprises, that create jobs and deliver needed goods and services in communities
  • local economic development planning and revitalization programs and projects
  • other initiatives that create conditions for successful and vibrant enterprise and economy activity

Keeping our planet a healthy place to live
Enhancing and promoting environmental sustainability 

The long-term social and economic wellbeing of our communities depends on the health of the environment, locally and globally. Affinity addresses environmental concerns and promotes environmental sustainability through investing in initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint and promote ecologically responsible practices such as:

  • green building and energy efficiency initiatives
  • sustainable energy and transportation
  • local/sustainable purchasing
  • ecosystem and habitat preservation and restoration
  • sustainable agriculture and resource management​