Impact At A Glance

Impact At A Glance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enabling members to invest in one another.

​At the end of 2013, your deposits with Affinity totaled $3.59 billion. 


  • 90% of these deposit​s were invested in in 49,146 different  loans totaling  $3.26 billion.
  • An average of 75% of member deposits with Affinity stays in the same region.  This means that most of your money with Affinity is invested in your local community supporting  local residents, businesses, farmers and organizations.

                                    How Does Your Money Work? 
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  • ​We have over $50 million in loans to individuals and organizations that face challenges in accessing credit, including  low-income families, micro-enterprises, non-profit organizations and Indigenous organizations​.
Investing Profits to Build Better Communities
  • We invested just over $1.5 million in our communities through District Council Funding, corporate donations and sponsorships, scholarship programs and our Community Spirit Fund.  That represents over 6.07% of our 2012 pre-tax profits. ​

Funding by District                                                    

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Funding by Activity











Last year we donated over $195,000 on behalf of employees and elected officials under our Community Spirit Fund program. An award winning program that offers every employee and elected official the opportunity to donate $200 annually to a charity of their choice!

This year Affinity awarded 80 scholarships, 88 scholarship for grade 12 students across Saskatchewan for a total amount of $44,000. We also provided 12 grade 11 students with $2500 Elwood Harvey Co-operative Leadership Award.