Chequing and Maximizer®

Chequing and Maximizer®

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Need a​ basic ‘pay as you go’ account?  Or do you need an account that will earn your business a little something extra?  We have you covered!
Choose our basic Chequing account, or if earning interest interests you, go for our Maximizer® account. Both offer the same great features for the same low fees.
And you can save on transactions by adding a service fee plan. How do you like to bank? Online?  Face-to-face?  Or a bit of both? Pick the plan that suits you.

Service Fee Plans for Chequing & Maximizer® Accounts​Com-PAC 10​Com-PAC 25​Com-PAC 50​Com-PAC 100​Com-PAC 200​
Monthly Transactions​10​​25​50​100​200
Monthly Fee​$10.00​$20.00​$40.00​$80.00​$140.00​

Free to you:

  • we never charge you to make a deposit
  • unlimited mobile, internet, telephone banking transactions
  • ding-free withdrawals from any credit union ATM in Canada

Fee for items over your transaction limit:
electronic debits & transfers​​1.25
cheques or staff-assisted debits​​1.25
​in-branch utility payments​2.25


What’s not included?
Interac® e-Transfer​​1.00
Interac ATM withdrawals​​2.00
​CIRRUS ATM Withdrawals​3.00


Good to know:
  • attach overdraft protection to your chequing account to cover those unexpected expenses
  • interest on the Maximizer® is calculated on the closing daily balance and paid monthly
  • monthly statements come complete with cheque images
  • Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation fully guarantees all deposits. That’s peace of mind only credit unions can offer!