Myrna Hewitt

Executive_Myrna Hewitt

EVP Marketing & Community

Myrna joined Affinity and the executive team in January, 2012. Myrna was formerly with SaskCentral and was responsible for marketing, communications and corporate social responsibility strategy.

With over 10 years at SaskTel, Myrna developed extensive expertise in marketing communications, community relations and corporate social responsibility. She also spent over 10 years with the Canadian Co-operative Association where she developed expertise in board governance, co-operative education and co-operative development. Her development work included assisting with the formation of the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation and advising an Indonesian co-operative development project.

In 2002, Myrna was awarded a Saskatchewan Co-operative Order of Merit for her work with co-operatives at local, provincial and national levels.

Myrna has been an active volunteer for many community organizations and events and has served on the boards of a number of organizations including Somerset West Community Health Centre in Ottawa, the Regina Community Clinic and the Saskatchewan Arts Stabilization Board. She is a founding member and director of the fledgling Prairie Lily Funeral Co-operative. Myrna has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Business Administration.