District Council 11

District Council 11 represents 10 communities in our northeastern region, including Englefeld, Gronlid, Kinistino, Lake Lenore, Melfort, Naicam, Spalding, Star City, St. Brieux, Watson and Weldon.

We expect to support 10 to 15 initiatives this year that address community needs and demonstrate potential to have a positive impact.

Our Funding Priorities and Preferences

We aim to use our funding to invest in the future of our District – to help build strong and sustainable local economies and communities, and contribute to the following outcome areas:

  • Improved financial well-being and access to opportunities for everyone, especially for disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.
  • Sustainable, community-based economic and enterprise development.
  • Improved access to community assets and facilities that are vital to community well-being.
  • Enhanced environmental sustainability.

Our current areas of priority include:

  • Community capital projects and facilities.
  • Youth-related initiatives.
  • Environmental initiatives.
  • Planning or seed support for new initiatives that address community needs and opportunities.

We consider a range of request types including:

  • Seed or planning and development funding for new initiatives addressing community needs.
  • Capital requests for facilities or building purchase, construction or improvement.
  • Capital requests for equipment, furnishings or other capital items.
  • Specific program delivery funding (not general operating funds).
  • Project funding, including planning or development support.

When assessing applications, we look for those initiatives and organizations that:

  • Address a compelling community need or priority and demonstrate strong community support and partnership.
  • Demonstrate potential to achieve tangible impact on residents and communities, and align with our community impact areas of focus and priorities.
  • Demonstrate capacity to carry out the proposed project successfully and have secured the other funds or in-kind resources required to carry out the project.
  • Demonstrate the potential to be sustainable in the future (this includes capital projects such as buildings, renovations, and equipment purchases).
  • Are seeking funding for 1-time initiatives rather than ongoing operational costs.
  • Membership at Affinity Credit Union is not a requirement, but preference will be given to organizations who are members.  

Eligibility for Funding

You are eligible to apply for funding if:

  • You’re a local not-for-profit or other community-based voluntary organization.
  • You’re a municipal, First Nations, or local educational institution or entity.
  • Your organization and initiative is located in and/or benefits the communities within this district.

Typically, we don’t consider requests for the following:

  • Events or organizations that take place and/or benefit those outside of our district boundaries.
  • Where the primary applicant is an individual or private business.
  • Political, advocacy or lobby groups.
  • Religious activities.
  • Contingency funds or deficit funding (short-term retroactive funding for capital initiatives may be considered).
  • Are normally funded by municipal, provincial, or federal tax dollars.
  • Event sponsorships.
  • Where the primary applicant is an employee, delegate, or board member of Affinity Credit Union.
  • Third-party fundraising for a registered charity.