2020 South District Funding Guidelines

South District – Overview

The South District represents members living in the geographical district which includes but isn't limited to the communities of Broadview, Milestone, Regina and Sedley.

Our Funding Priorities and Preferences

We’re committed to building a better world by investing our resources in bettering our communities, strengthening our economy and improving quality of life for individuals and families. We focus on distributing funding to local programs and initiatives that make a meaningful difference.

We’re specifically interested in supporting local initiatives and organizations dedicated to:

  • Enhancing financial and social well-being for vulnerable individuals, groups or communities.
  • Developing and/or maintaining community facilities and infrastructure required for community well-being.
  • Facilitating and building capacity for sustainable local economic development.
  • Enhancing and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Supporting and/or promoting the Fransaskois community. 

When assessing applications, we prioritize organizations and initiatives that:

  • Have limited access to other sources of funding and demonstrate a high need for Affinity support, and where Affinity support can help leverage other funds.
  • Produce broad benefits for many residents in the community.
  • Are local, community-based organizations/initiatives that have wide-spread community support and a strong track record.

Types of requests we consider include:

  • Capital request for facilities construction or improvement projects.
  • Capital requests for equipment, furnishings or other capital items.
  • Program funding and one-time project funding requests.

Typically, we don’t consider requests for:

  • Private businesses or individuals.
  • Political or lobby groups.
  • Religious activities (with the exception of non-denominational activities with community-based purposes other than propagation of faith).
  • Contingency funds or deficit funding.
  • Team requests.
  • Event sponsorships (please see our sponsorship and donation program).
  • Fundraising activities and appeals such as disaster relief.


You’re eligible to apply for funding if:

  • You’re a not-for-profit, community-based voluntary organization, community service or not-for-profit co-operative.
  • You’re a municipal, First Nations, or local educational institution/entity.
  • Your organization or initiative is located in and/or benefits the communities within our district.

Application Deadline and Processes

We accept applications any time of the year; however, we only make our funding decisions once a year. Our deadline is September 1, 2020. We’ll inform you of our funding decision six to eight weeks after the deadline has passed.

If you have questions or you need help with your application, please call our Contact Centre at 1.866.863.6237 or email dcfunding@affinitycu.ca.