2022 District Council Elections

2022 District Council Delegate Elections Results

The 2022 District Council Delegate elections are now closed and the following delegates have been elected by our members:

North District – Peggy Walker and Eric Dueck
North East District – Devin Hinz and Gailmarie Anderson
Saskatoon District – Fred Khonje, Lindsay Herman, Hilary Gough, Alison Lackie and Jasmin Carlton

Thank you to all who voted and for taking part in the democratic process of your credit union!

What happens now?

According to our Bylaws (section 6.9 k), the ballot box will be sealed for five days – from March 2 to March 6.

If no written protest is made regarding the voting results during this time, the ballots and any other record of the voting will be destroyed.

In the event that a recount of the ballots is deemed necessary, it will be carried out on March 7 and the results of this will be final.

Elected by Acclamation or Appointment

The following delegates were elected by acclamation or appointment:

East District

Brianne Braaten
Rosalie Daisley

North West District

Charlene Tebbutt
Dannie Wreford

South District

Davida Bentham
Sherry Wolf

South East District

Cameron Nordin
Dyon Stadnick

South Central District

Mike Heinrich
Owen Sebastian

If you have any questions or require further information please contact us at governance@affinitycu.ca or 1.866.863.6237.