2021 District Council Elections

2021 District Council Delegate Elections Results

The 2021 District Council Delegate elections are now closed and the following delegates have been elected by our members:

North District – Debbie McGuire, Roy Eichendorf and Terry Hinz
North West District – Adena Viczko, Diana Herzog and Stephanie Gosselin
South Central District – Grant Greenshields, Kelvin Schapansky, Mike Heinrich, Owen Sebastian, Patricia Isherwood, Richard Goulet and Scott Flavel

Thank you to all who voted and for taking part in the democratic process of your credit union!

Elected by Acclamation

The following delegates were elected by acclamation:

East District

Bryan Cottenie
Carla Krochak
Jackie Grisdale
Jason Harbor
Joseph Kozakewich
Margaret Rudychuk
Rosalie Daisley

North East District

Cindy Porter
Marilee Sterner
Stephanie Gerwing

Saskatoon District

Debra Chobotuk
Deirdra Ness
Charity Beres
Mitchell Anderson
Victoria Morris

South District

Joyce Fraser
Nathaniel Cole
Stephen Schury

South East District

Dennis Bode
Duane Chipley
Garry Lafrentz

If you have any questions or require further information please contact us at governance@affinitycu.ca or 1.866.863.6237.