How stressed are you about your financial future?

meter measures stress

How are you feeling about investing? Is it stressing you out? You know you should spend more time on it, but... you don't know where to start or how to improve?

Answer the following, tally your score, and find out where you are on the Stress'O'Meter!

When thinking about my financial future, I feel:

1. Overwhelmed!
2. Unsure if I'm on the right path
3. On track to achieve my goals

My investing experience can be described as

1. Non-existent so far
2. I have got at least one product on the go
3. I've been investing for a while now

When talking about investing, I feel:

1. Like I'm in foreign territory
2. I know a few things, but I'd like to learn more
3. Confident, and I'm hungry for more

I plan to use my investments to:

1. Plans? What plans?
2. Have some fun with my savings
3. Feel secure in my retirement plan

I rate my saving skills as:

1. Not bad, but not so great either
2. Pretty good when I have a short-term savings goal
3. Top notch, especially if I have a plan to follow

When assessing my finances, I like:

1. On-the-go, self-serve options
2. Planning from the comfort of home
3. A mix of both, with the support of an advisor

StressOMeter stage 1

Stress'O'Meter score:  6 - 10


Registered Rookie

You might be feeling the pinch – but that's okay! We all start somewhere, and that's why we have easy-to-invest products such as GICs and TFSAs for as little as $25/month! Give us a call and we'll walk you through your options. Let's get you started!


StressOMeter stage-2Stress'O'Meter score:  11 - 14


Savvy Saver

You've dipped your toes into saving for the future, but you might not feel confident that you're on the right track. Have no fear, Affinity is here! Our team of experts has the advice, tools and flexible options you need to set you on the path to a bright financial future.


StressOMeter stage 3Stress'O'Meter score: 15 - 18


Cash Connoisseur

Investing is no sweat in your books! Keep up the great work! When you're ready to build momentum, our experts can help you find ways to make the most of your savings. After all, it's about investing smarter, not harder.