Point of Sale Terminal Issue

Some of our members are experiencing issues at some merchant locations as a result of a software update on their point of sale devices. This issue is resulting in debit and credit cards issued in 2019 to be declined. These merchants and the service providers are aware of this issue and are currently working towards a solution.

So, what can you try in the meantime? Great question!

  1. Split your transaction, if allowed by the merchant, so you can tap without going over your limit.
  2. Use your Digital Wallet on your smartphone. If you have issues setting this up, please call us at 1.866.863.6237 and we'd be happy to walk you through the process of setting this up on your mobile device.
  3. Have cash on hand until this issue is resolved.
  4. If you receive an error message on the PIN Pad, try putting your card back in. You can also try pressing the OK button on the PIN Pad.
  5. If you receive an error message, try leaving your card in and wait for it to ask for your PIN again.

We understand how frustrating this is for you. Please note that this isn't a card or credit union issue - the issue lies within these specific merchant terminals' software update.

Stay tuned for more updates as we learn more.