Open additional accounts online

Open additional accounts online

Already an Affinity member? Opening an additional chequing or savings account just got easier!

Let's face it, everyone has different needs when it comes to managing their accounts. Some may want a specific chequing or savings account to put away for a holiday, education or for a rainy day. Others may choose to organize their accounts to make it easier to budget and to manage payments. Whatever it may be – the convenience of being able to get it done on your time is here!

Now you have the ability to open additional accounts under your membership - when you need to!

You can open a chequing or savings account right from your on-line banking. It's simple to do and only takes a few clicks.  Additionally, to distinguish between accounts, you can add a special name like 'vacation account' or 'house insurance' or even 'wedding fund'. Customize as you see fit!

To get started, simply login to your Online Banking, go to Accounts, and select "Open New Products".

On-line account opening – Now, even when you're hands are full, managing your accounts can be so easy.